About the project:

Everything started when I saw Eva's amazing illustrations. After that I thought: "WOW! Such shapes could be achievable using pure CSS without any images". I've decided to present my idea to Eva and asked her if she wanted to collaborate. She agreed! :)

So I have used Sass together with compass (both are extensions of CSS3)

It works in most modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera.
Dear IE users, it's time for a change.

Who did this?

Rafal Bromirski - paranoida

Rafal Bromirski

Rafal is a UI Designer & Front-End Developer who is a big fan of pixel perfect design. He likes to experiment with CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. Every day he challenges himself from both inspirational and technological sides - some of his thoughts you may find on his blog.

Eva Galesloot - skwirrol

Eva Galesloot

Eva is an illustrator and sometimes animator. She graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2009 with a major in illustration. Aside from watching cartoons, reading picture books and talking about herself in the third person eva likes to create illustrations; often filled with all sorts of creatures and characters.